Real Estate Investor Information

If you are a current investor or future investor, you’ve come to the right place.  I began investing in real estate 14 years ago by purchasing townhouses near a college.  After leasing out 9 individual units, I realized that the cash flow would eventually eclipse my earnings as a Human Resources Training Specialist with State Farm Insurance.

There are a few rules that I followed that were handed down to me from other successful investors.  One of the rules was educating myself over the course of a full year.  This year long study included understanding true acquisition costs, actual rental rates in the area, market history of the properties, on-going costs to hold the units, and possible costs to sell the units. – Paul DeCarlo, RE/MAX Southern Homes

There were many other considerations that factored into my decision to jump into the real estate niche.   It would be my pleasure to talk with you about your options.  If you’re an experienced real estate investor and need to either sell your property or find additional investments, please allow me to discuss your needs and our services at RE/MAX Southern Homes.  I’m also skilled at 1031 Exchanges. (Like kind exchanges)  And, if you’re interested in Commercial Real Estate, I have resources available to you as well.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the pre-built searches I created here.  There are many avenues you might want to take when it comes to investing in real estate.  Here are a few options:

Please note that there are many other search options that I can put together for you.  Please contact me with your specific needs and I’ll be glad to assist you.