Population: 17,759
Median Home Sale: $166,750
Median Household Income: $80,367
Median Commute: 30.00
Helena, Alabama

Helena (pronounced ‘Hel EEN uh’ by locals) is one of the safest cities in Alabama, according to recent law enforcement reports.   The city has been named in the Top 100 places to live in America by Money Magazine, and is located just south of Birmingham, Alabama.  Many home owners in Helena commute to work.  One favorite place to visit in Helena is the Buck Creek river running right through the middle of Old Town.  The amphitheater is a favorite venue for locals and hosts a number of events throughout the year.  “Sundown Cinemas” runs throughout most of the summer and offers free movies near the creek on a large screen.

Helena is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama.

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