Hoover playground has every ability in mind

SUN FEAT - AddieHenderson3.jpg

By Grace Thronton (www.hooversun.com)

Exciting. Easy to use. Accessible.

Those are some of the ways Dee Nance, superintendent of Hoover’s parks, describes the inclusive playground at Hoover East Park.

But Hoover resident Jennifer Henderson says her main descriptor is this — it’s “Addie-friendly.”

Henderson’s 9-year-old daughter, Addie, has microcephaly, which often makes maneuvering around playgrounds a little tricky.

But the area at Hoover East — an inclusive playground built with the intent to accommodate every ability level — is built with Henderson’s daughter in mind, she said.

“I was very impressed on our first visit to the park after it opened, and that is what has kept us going back,” she said.

The ground was covered in one solid surface, so Henderson didn’t have to worry about Addie tripping and falling while she walked around the playground, she said.

And the swings — “how we love them so,” Henderson said. “Addie was safe and snug and never got scared. She loved them, too. The slides were sturdy and safe and just the right height for Addie to gain her footing at the bottom.”

And other than keeping Addie away from moving swings and watching her in the few open areas on the playground equipment, Henderson was able to let her play with limited concerns.

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