Great turnout for Pelham Easter Egg Hunt

  By Briana Harris ( PELHAM – From the time the gates opened and children flooded the youth football field at Pelham City Park, it took a total of seven minutes for them to collect 10,000 Easter eggs filled with candy and toys during the city’s annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 15. “This Read More

Hoover playground has every ability in mind

By Grace Thronton ( Jennifer Henderson pushes Addie, 9, on a swing at the Hoover East Park inclusive playground, which was built with the intent to accommodate every ability level. Exciting. Easy to use. Accessible. Those are some of the ways Dee Nance, superintendent of Hoover’s parks, describes the inclusive playground at Hoover East Park. Read More

Pelham Fire Chief Danny Ray retiring

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Gospel concert to be hosted by Calera Counseling Services

By EMILY REED / For the Shelby County Reporter CALERA – Victory Counseling Services Inc. is gearing up to host a Gospel singing concert on April 1. The free event will feature Gospel groups such as Holy Destiny, Victoria Swindle, Faye Ashley, Yolanda Gross-James, and The Christian Harmonizers. Beginning at 5 p.m., the event, held Read More

Hoover Lady Bucs prevail in all-city final, capture 7A crown

by Sam Chandler, BIRMINGHAM — A cluster of black jerseys spilled onto the court when the final horn sounded Saturday evening at the BJCC’s Legacy Arena. After 36 minutes of heart-stopping action that included five lead changes and buzzer-beating heroics, the Hoover High School girls basketball team could finally exhale. And it did — in the form Read More

High school students in Helena learn about the dangers of distracted driving

By Graham Brooks (Staff writer, HELENA–Helena High School juniors and seniors have heard stories and been warned about the dangers of distracted driving, including drinking and texting when behind the wheel, but on Thursday, March 9, the students experienced a different kind of interactive activity to show the consequences. With the Helena High School prom Read More

Alabaster Senior Center has nations oldest Zumba Instructor

By Amalia Kortright (  ALABASTER- Calera resident Suanne Ferguson has taught Zumba Gold classes at the Alabaster Senior Center every week for about seven years. At 81 years old, Ferguson is currently the oldest Zumba instructor in the U.S. “There’s actually no official title, but I’m probably the oldest Zumba teacher in the world, possibly in Read More